Ever Wonder Where Mitsubishi Car Names Come From?

Some car names can seem completely random, but brands such as Mitsubishi carefully consider naming their models before introducing them to the world. Not only does Mitsubishi want to avoid unappealing names, but they also want the name of a model to match its design and driving dynamics. If you’ve ever wondered where Mitsubishi car names come from, you might be surprised to learn that there’s a lot of thinking that goes into it.

The Outlander, for example, wasn’t always referred to as such. According to The News Wheel, the “Airtrek” is the original name for this vehicle, as it was meant to imbue a sense of freedom and weightlessness. However, such a name doesn’t exactly capture the rugged adventurousness of the capable SUV, so Mitsubishi decided to call it the “Outlander” once it hit markets in the West. The term “outlander” often means to push the boundaries and to come from beyond the norm — a suitable name for a unique vehicle.

The Eclipse Cross also has a unique name, as many owners will recognize that the Eclipse as the name of a sports car offered by Mitsubishi through the early 2000s. Due to the popularity of the sports car, the brand sought to bring it back. However, this time it chose to introduce the Eclipse as a crossover — hence, the name Eclipse Cross.

The Mirage also has a striking name, though it’s been used since the 1970s. The term “mirage” comes from the Latin word “mirai,” which mean “to wonder” or “to look at.” In fact, the word “miracle” and “mirage” have the same root. Therefore, the moniker is particular well-suited for a subcompact model that offers incredible value and a sleek style.

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Mitsubishi car names

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