The Best Sandwiches in Charlotte, North Carolina

Whether you’re a long-time resident of Charlotte or you’re just passing through, you’ll never run out of amazing restaurants to try here, especially sandwich shops. Here are just a few of the best sandwiches in Charlotte.

French Onion Grilled cheese at Papi Queso

Food truck Papi Queso serves tons of fantastic grilled cheese sandwiches, but one of its most creative offerings is the French Onion Grilled Cheese, with spicy poblanos and wine-braised onions that imitate the rich, savory flavor of French onion soup.

BLT at Local Loaf

Local Loaf has one of the best BLTs around, with fried green tomatoes and popcorn shoots in addition to the classic white pimento cheese and smoked bacon you’ll find on any BLT. The popcorn shoots add crunch to the sandwich, and their sweetness is perfect with the maple bacon.

The Big Pig at Mac’s Speed Shop

The Big Pig is Mac’s medium-sized Pulled Pork BBQ, sandwiched between the Little Pig and the Mac Daddy. With several different sauces to customize your sandwich and some of the most famous pork in Charlotte, The Big Pig is a must-try.

Chicken n’ Waffles Waffle-wich at Fud @ Salud

Fud @ Salud is known for its waffles, and what waffle place would be complete without chicken and waffles? But Fud @ Salud does it a little differently — here, you’ll get juicy chicken salad, bacon, and maple syrup between two fluffy, crispy waffles.

Vegan Reuben at Bean Vegan Cuisine

This all-vegan restaurant offers some of the most realistic imitation meat you’ll find anywhere, and their Vegan Reuben’s combination of seitan, vegan mozzarella, and house-made Thousand Island dressing pairs perfectly with a Tater Tot Casserole. Check out these innovative, tasty creations, and you’ll see why High Point Mitsubishi is proud to serve the Charlotte community.

best sandwiches in Charlotte

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